IMRevo – Industrial Marketing Seminar

IMRevo – Industrial Marketing Seminar
Event on 2013-01-31 09:00:00
The new age of industrial marketing is upon us. To be a leader, you need to understand what Inbound Marketing is, what its components are, and how it works with your existing marketing strategy. It is the difference between being left behind in the dust and being able to attract more qualified prospects, better employees, and show a better ROI.Convincing executive management that Inbound Marketing is worth the investment can be a high-pressure problem to solve. We’ve got ideas for converting that pressure into forward momentum. You’ll have the power to make the case for implementing a digital marketing strategy in your company, and you can pitch that strategy with confidence.IMRevo – short for the Industrial Marketing Revolution – will provide the information you need to build a successful Inbound Marketing strategy. This half-day seminar will drill down deep into how digital marketing fits with your overall marketing strategy. You'll get a schematic-level look at concepts that include:* Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing* How Search Engine Marketing Works* How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fits In* Using Social Media Marketing to Drive Business & Boost ROI This live event requires registration:

at EagleBurgmann Houston Training Facility
10035 Brookriver Dr
Houston, United States

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