In Conjunction With the IntelliCAD World Meeting, progeSOFT Announces progeCAD 2006 Professional, Version 6.1.11

Kelowna, BC, Canada (PRWEB) October 14, 2006 –

During todays IntelliCAD World Meeting, an annual event for IntelliCAD users and developers, progeSOFT announced an update to the progeSOFT Version of IntelliCAD. progeCAD 2006 Professional now features support for opening drawings (DWG) created in Autodesk Architectural Desktop and Autodesk Mechanical Desktop.

progeSOFT IntelliCAD will now successfully open drawings created with Architectural Desktop or Mechanical Desktop. This will allow your design teams to continue working even if the original drawing was created with an AutoCAD based vertical product. Now you can use the power of progeCAD to detail your drawings, while saving thousands on the cost of your CAD design and drafting software.

In addition, designers will also be able to snap to objects located in viewports while in paper space mode. This allows you to draw objects in paper space a specified distance from a feature of an object within the model space of your drawing, like an endpoint of a line, the intersection of two lines, or the center of a circle. Many other fixes to the software are also included in this release.

Scott Hucke, President of progeSOFT North America (, said, With the recent announcements at the IntelliCAD World Meeting concerning the soon to come support for AutoCAD 2007 drawings, the ObjectARX clone, and increased development options for our programming teams, combined with the AutoCAD compatibility of progeCAD 2006 Professional, makes buying progeCAD the logical choice for drafters, designers, engineers, architects, anyone needing AutoCAD file compatible software. Users can purchase basically the same software they are using today, save thousands of dollars, and get to work immediately with the same functionality and processes they are used to using.

About progeCAD 2006 Professional

progeCAD 2006 Professional is CAD software highly compatible with industry standards, such as AutoCAD DWG v2.5 through 2006, AutoCAD Like menus, SHX and TrueType fonts, AutoLISP, AutoCAD blocks, etc. Sold at a fraction of the cost of most AutoCAD software, progeCAD 2006 Professional, powered by IntelliCAD, is a logical choice for drafters, designers, engineers, architects, anyone needing AutoCAD compatible software. Industry specific applications are also available for architectural design (progeARC ArchT), mechanical design (progeMEC), and AutoCAD drawing review and markup (progeCAD Viewer DWG).

About progeSOFT

progeSOFT, (, a founding member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Board of Directors, has been specializing in CAD for the last 20 years and manufactures CAD products for the general, mechanical and architectural industries.

About progeSOFT North America

progeSOFT North America, (, provides marketing, sales and support for North American progeSOFT resellers. A Free 30-day trial download is available on our website.

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