In New Hampshire, Jeb Bush leads with his chin

In New Hampshire, Jeb Bush leads with his chin
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks with area residents at a packed house party Friday, March 13, 2015, in Dover, N.H. On his opening foray into New Hampshire for his likely campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Bush challenged voters …
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Comparing the Free 2015 NCAA Tournament Contests: Only Yahoo Guarantees
The winner of the Yahoo ”Best Bracket” contest will be determined by a mathematical formula included on its website, which attributes different point values to making correct picks in each of the various rounds. Entry is available only to those based …
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Why is Yahoo prolonging its layoffs?
Just before we could call Yahoo's ongoing trickle of layoffs “Watch Out Wednesdays,” after a source told Business Insider that CEO Marissa Mayer was “laying people off every Wednesday,” the company threw some of its Midwestern workers for a loop this …
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