In our modern surveillance state, everyone can be exposed

In our modern surveillance state, everyone can be exposed
An inadvertent disclosure during a chat allowed an investigator to track down a video on YouTube of his car, then to find his Facebook page. Paula Broadwell, who had an affair with CIA director … Other researchers reported similar results using 2000 …
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Branded Hotel Guide to Generating Revenues Above-and-Beyond the Brand
Increasingly important is finding ways to differentiate from and compete against other branded properties from the same brand on, search engine results pages and online media. For example in New York City, a Marriott-branded property competes …
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More Hardcore A/B Testing: V2 Of The Free AdWords Script
The script has added statistics functionality, emailing you immediately when your test has significant results for click-through rate (CTR) or Conversion Rate (CR). It can also … That wasn't possible in the first version of the script, as AdWords …
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