In-Page Analytics – visual context for Google Analytics

Walkthrough of new feature in Google Analytics, In-Page Analytics. In-Page Analytics overlays your web analytics data as your browse your website.

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14 Responses to In-Page Analytics – visual context for Google Analytics

  1. DubTurboDigital says:

    just when i thought i was up to speed on analytics!

  2. Babak Keyvani says:

    Thanks for the informative video. Is there going to be a video for troubleshooting problems? I always get the [Error: 20006] when trying to look into my In-page analytics and would appreciate a good video tutorial on how to troubleshoot common issues, or points to consider when setting up a GA account. Thanks!

  3. CostaRicaMarketing says:

    I’m amazed..please keep them coming!


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  5. Glenn Hendrickson says:

    Thanks for this video! I appreciate the new features that y’all keep coming out with!

  6. dananjayadankan says:

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  9. soloktrain says:

    Great start! Looking forward to seeing what is coming next and really hoping you can distinguish between similar links on the page in the near future. More robust filtering is another high priority. Thanks!

  10. nayana3852 says:

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  11. cybernet2u says:


  12. iValue BVBA says:

    Finally Google replaced Site Overlay. This is a great step towards data visualization on website. It is not as impressive as crazyegg yet, but it is getting there.

  13. BPL Marketing says:


  14. IDEASBYEDEN says:

    Ideas by Eden Design Agency loves the enhancements to the old overlay feature and much prefers this new version

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