In Praise of Ditching Yelp and Google While Traveling

In Praise of Ditching Yelp and Google While Traveling
We've been to the moon and just about everywhere on Earth. So what's left to discover? In September, Future Tense is publishing a series of articles in response to the question, “Is exploration dead?” Read more about modern-day exploration of the sea, …
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Google Buys Bump, Maker of Apps for Sharing Photos and Files
Remember 2008, when people at conferences and cocktail parties would bump their phones together to exchange digital business cards? Ever wondered what happened to that app, called Bump? On Monday, Bump announced that it was acquired by …
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Google to make QuickOffice free for everyone
Google QuickOffice is an application that lets users view and edit Microsoft Office files on their mobile devices. Previously, the app was only free to Google Apps for Business subscribers, and everyone else had to pay $ 14.99 for the pro version or $ 19 …

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