Inbound Marketing for Higher Education Workshop

Inbound Marketing for Higher Education Workshop
Event on 2015-02-11 09:00:00

Inbound marketing works! Think of your favorite brands. The ones you’re actually excited to see Facebook posts from and can’t wait to read their newsletters. Your institution can create that kind of connection, too. Instead of relying solely on outbound techniques like buying billboards, newspaper and television ads or purchasing email lists, join us and learn to tell your institution's story in a way that draws prospective students in and creates lifelong fans!

Converge Consulting, a HubSpot partner, is a leader in inbound marketing for higher education. In this two-day workshop, our goal is to help you deliver the right content, to the right place, at the right time. Join us in sunny southern California!

9:00-10:30AM: Morning Session A: 
An Introduction to Inbound

  • How to attract, convert and delight: What is inbound marketing? How is it different? You'll leave understanding the strategies and tactics.
  • How to get buy-in: But does it really work? We'll arm you with data points and examples to help you make the case with stakeholders. 

10:30-12:00PM: Morning Session B: Attracting with Compelling Content

  • How to be remarkable: What makes content that is compelling and engaging enough to get prospective students to act? We'll cover writing for the (modern) web best practices.
  • How to get it done: What formats work the best in inbound marketing? How can be stay organized across silos? We'll cover tools and tips from the field.

12:00-1:00PM: Lunch

1:00-2:00PM: Afternoon Session A: Convert and Delight

  • How to ask: What makes my audience convert? We'll show you effective landing pages, calls-to-action and content offers. 
  • How to know your audiences: How do I delight my audience? Well, you have to know them. We'll show you how to mine your data and create personas and message matrices to guide your content strategically.

2:00-3:00PM Afternoon Session B: Get Found – SEO

  • How to play nice with search engines: What works and what doesn't for search engine optimization (SEO)? You'll leave with a thorough understanding of how the search engines work and how to optimize for them.
  • How to future-proof: Things change frequently, how can I stay on top of SEO tactics? You'll learn why quality content will always win the day.

9:00-10:30AM: Morning Session A:
Google Analytics – Data is Power 

  • How to track your content hub: How is our website doing? Higher education websites can be BIG and difficult to track. We'll explain how to be sure your data is clean and accurate.
  • How to customize tracking: What else can Google Analytics do? Out-of-the-box, Google Analytics provides great information, but add in Goals, Event Tracking and Campaign Tracking and you'll gain more insights. We'll show you how. 

10:30-12:00PM: Morning Session B: Google Analytics – Proving Inbound

  • How to prove inbound works: So… is it working? You’ll learn the best Google Analytics reports to see where your tactics are working, what could be improved and which metrics really matter in inbound.
  • How else to track: What other tools are out there? We’ll take a look at other popular inbound marketing tools – like Moz Analytics and Hubspot – and demo their capabilities. 

12:00-1:00PM: Lunch

1:00-2:00PM: Afternoon Session A: A Video is Worth a Million Words

  • How to connect: If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? You’ll learn why video is on the rise as one of the most effective inbound tools and how to tell your story.
  • How to focus: What next? Get ready for some hands on training. We’ll work with you to get some hands on experience with the tools and even shoot some actual footage!

2:00-3:00PM Afternoon Session B: Tying it all Together

  • How to execute long-term: How can I make this work back on campus? You’ll learn how to tie the tactics together into a full inbound marketing plan that is actionable and repeatable.  
  • How to avoid pitfalls: What should I be on the look out for? We’ll review several case studies from institutions on what has worked and the lessons they’ve learned.

at University of California, Los Angeles
308 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, United States

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