InCharged, LLC Releases its Newest Cell Phone Charging Station, the InVolt

Roselle, New Jersey (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

InCharged, LLC, the US leader in the sales and manufacturing of cell phone charging stations today announced the release of InVolt Model C, the latest addition to the InCharged family of cell phone charging stations for companies that require a smaller branded cell phone charging station solution.

We had an overwhelming demand from many of our partners calling for a smaller station to be used at experiential events and conferences said Jessica Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of InCharged, LLC. Gonzalez goes on to say, For most conferences, smaller exhibitors who do not have the booth real-estate for our InFuse models, required a cell phone charging solution that has both a smaller footprint, same proprietary charging technology inherent in our larger stations and of course continue to be able to brand the station as well with company logo and media messaging. InVolt is our response to them.

The first generation of the InVolt table top station is able to charge up to 5 cell phones simultaneously providing the fastest charging speed allowed by your cell phone manufacturer. The InVolt charging ports are compatible with 95% of all Mobile devices available on the market today including Digital Cameras, MP3 players and Tablets. All Charging tips are customizable to client requirements. For branding purposes clients can take advantage of the 13 inch LCD screen that can be provisioned with rotating images of products or product messaging. InCharged has already started development of the second generation of the InVolt that will feature full media capabilities including audio and video for enhanced branding for its client base due out in the spring.

You can see the InCharged branded cell phone charging stations this week at the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview Day February 7-8, 2013.

InCharged, LLC is in the process of turning a simple challenge of modern life — the urgent need people have to keep their smart phones and other mobile devices charged beyond the capacity of present and near term battery technology — into a fundamentally new way to engage users, attaching a marketing message to a genuinely appreciated service with cell phone charging stations that are free to the end user.

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