23 Replies to “Increase Website Ranking in Search with Sexy Silos featuring Owen Hemsath”

  1. AWESOME COLLAB! I loved the visuals because the info could easily be confusing for a visual learner like moi! U should definitely have Owen back! He was talking about alt text in images? I include images in my blog posts but just insert them. I’ll have to check out what he was talking about on that! Thank you so much Amy!

  2. A very informative video. And this also illustrates quite well why single-page parallax websites may not be such a good idea if you’re looking to improve SEO.

  3. I am loving how you are collabing more and more now with other producers like +Owen Hemsath! This video was very informative and is going to really help some friends I am working for with their website.

  4. My mind is like BLOWN right now!! You have no idea how many books I have purchased on SEO ranking and this one six minute video has just totally answered every question I ever had. Not to mention saved me like thousands of dollars inn consulting fees. Well I know what I will be doing this Sunday, a great bottle of wine and doing some restructuring for both of my websites and creating some silo’s!! Thanks Amy & Own for this, can we get a video on what is natural search on Google?

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