Increased Business Investment Opportunities in New England Cities Reported in Q1

(PRWEB) March 20, 2013

Angel Investment Network, the online platform which connects venture capitalists with entrepreneurs from around the world, who are seeking funding for their ambitious ideas, has been flooded with new exciting proposals for business investment in cities like Boston and Providence in New England. The international website, which has also sites dedicated to the different parts of America, has contributed to the implementation of thousands of business set-up, growth and expansion plans by helping entrepreneurs find investment partners for their ideas.

Angel Investment Network grants access to proposals from organisations from all types of industries. For instance, on the New England site, some of the most recent projects that are looking for investment opportunities include the first social media website for hip hop artists and spectators alike, a project for building urgent care centres in Massachusetts and a growing production company looking to expand in all sorts of media. The amount of capital required and the level of investors involvement of course differ according to the specific proposal.

The big cities in the states of New England are a great investment destination. Massachusetts, for example, was the third highest state in America per capita personal income in 2008 and is known for the developed industries of higher education, biotechnology, finance, health care and tourism. The state of Connecticut is known for its investment in agriculture, transportation equipment, pharmaceutical products and culture and tourism. The case really is if the business investors would like to put their money in an already established sector or in an organisation that is innovative and offers a unique proposition, which can however turn out a bit more risky in terms of profits.

The process of finding funding on the Angel Investment Network website is easy and straightforward entrepreneurs register and submit a detailed proposal with a brief description of their idea and requests, but can also browse the list of investors and find out about their preferences and investment budgets. If you want to find out more about business funding offerings and proposals in the states of Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and other New England states, please visit today.

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