India Network Visitor Health Insurance Launches Instant Quote and Easy Select Tools to Select Best Visitor Health Insurance Plan for Parents and Grandparents Visiting US

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

India Network Foundation, USA based non-profit organization has been sponsoring visitor health insurance programs to help Indian visitors heading to the United States for more than two decades. Today, India Network launches new tools to empower members to select most suitable health insurance plan for their visitors – Easy Select and Instant quote. Several options are available including coverage for all ages groups and coverage for pre-existing problems. India Network plans are designed with the view of providing most cost effective and reliable coverage for all visitors. A typical health insurance program offered in the google space today underwritten by surplus lines overseas insurance companies with several crucial gaps and exclusions in coverage such as coverage for Urinary Tract Infections, heart attacks, stroke, etc.

On the other hand, India Network Health Insurance Plans offer broader coverage with fewer exclusions. India Network Standard, Premier, and network plans are underwritten by ACE American Insurance and claims are adjudicated in the United States following strict US HIPPA privacy regulations. EasySelect and InstantQuote links on the web site provide an overview of all plans, premiums, and benefits summary make it easy to choose the right plan for their visitors depending on their health conditions and age.

Dr.KV Rao, Founder President of India Network Foundation said that one can purchase India Network health insurance policy with confidence. Over the last two decades, India Network health insurance plans help thousands of families with much needed coverage for major medical problems such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes related complications. India Network continue to provide high quality reliable coverage that is often not found anywhere else. Every visitor to the United States is welcome to take advantage of the India Network health insurance program by completing the membership form and the appropriate online insurance form. Insurance applications are processed in real time and coverage is issues instantly as long as the insurance plan is purchased before arrival of visitor in the United States.

About India Network Foundation

India Network Foundation, established as a US non-profit organization, has been helping the Asian Indian community in North America with programs and grants to academics from India for more than two decades. India Network Foundation sponsors visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers (H1 visa holders) and their families. All insurance products sponsored by the foundation are administered by India Network Services and underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company (ACE). All operations are carried out in the United States only.

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About India Network Health Insurance

India Network Health Insurance is a US based company that administers visitor health insurance to transition residents, tourists, students, temporary workers and their families. All insurance products are underwritten by The ACE American Insurance Company (ACE). Visitor medical plans are offered for all age groups with both fixed coverage, comprehensive coverage and with pre-existing condition coverage.

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