Indiana Pacers Vs New York Knicks | May 16, 2013 | Game 5 | Full Highlights | NBA East Semis 2013

Carmelo Anthony scores 28 points points & grabs 6 rebounds as the Knicks defeat the Pacers,85-75 in Game 5 to stay alive in the series with Pacers leading 3-…

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14 Responses to Indiana Pacers Vs New York Knicks | May 16, 2013 | Game 5 | Full Highlights | NBA East Semis 2013

  1. KiNg AlBo says:

    Pacers are New York Killers

  2. 19LloydBanks82 says:

    wow not only the hornets change their name in the offseason but the knicks, too. Following season they are officialy the New York Bricks!

  3. nydreyah2008 says:

    Knicks fans Knicks fans my favorite clowns. Its funny when someone mentions lebron and melo you Knicks fans bring up Wade and bosh. Now earlier in the season when the Knicks beat mia where you Knicks fans saying that? Be honest with yourself Knicks aren’t winning no championship and lebron is a better player than melo. Put lebron on that team they will go to the finals atleast. Clown ass Knicks fans get on my damn nerves

  4. Kornelius Lee says:

    kidd old ass need to give it up

  5. Papawowmac says:

    You know the Knicks fans are pissed off when they’re rooting for Miami to beat Indiana.

  6. 29larron says:

    Robin Frederickson,yea LeBron didnt choke but Melo did huh,LeBron had Wade n Bosh.Melo had JR Bricks.Go fuck yourself!

  7. fpshooterful says:

    man is this audio was recorded through some sort of bee hives?

  8. thecount2424 says:

    i know Knicks had flaws, too many old veterans, etc. My point is Chandler and Martin weren’t allowed to play as physical as Pacers inside, i think Knicks even got less free throws at home in Game 5 too. I just dont trust refs after that scandal years back, and for anyone that says Knicks are shooting jumpers so no fouls are called, Reggie Miller was the best at drawing fouls. Pacers and Knicks are both good just wish they would have let players decide it

  9. Luke King says:

    They lost 

  10. Luke King says:

    They lost

  11. elviss6783 says:

    This is fucken BS the Knicks were playing vs Pacers and the Refs

  12. crackednut17 says:

    melo and jr smith are liabilities on defense; kidd and prigioni are old enough to retire; they simply didn’t have a chance; entire players of pacers are decent defensive players; young and athletic while knicks only have chandler as a legit defensive player and amare played like his mind is in another dimension

  13. crackednut17 says:

    those wins you mentioned came from regular season; if they can’t beat the pacers in a series; no way knicks can beat heat and spurs which are much more excellent defensively than the pacers

  14. crackednut17 says:

    if george hill played on game 5 this series should have been over in 5 games

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