Indianapolis, IN – Health Care: The Retirement Land Mine

Indianapolis, IN – Health Care: The Retirement Land Mine
Event on 2015-07-30 18:30:00
You’ve seen the headlines. Skyrocketing health costs. Uncertain future for the economy. And a little thing called the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of your opinion of it, it can have an affect on your retirement. The Mutual Fund Store is going to show you how to pay for health care throughout retirement and how to save as much as possible in the process. We’re hosting a free live event in your area called Health Care: The Retirement Land Mine. Make plans to attend and feel free to invite a friend.   How will Obamacare affect your healthcare in retirement? What you need to know to help navigate the confusing world of the Affordable Care Act.   Are you average or above average? Estimate your own healthcare costs in retirement – will yours meet the 1,0001 average – or exceed it?   Do you know the A,B,C,D’s of Medicare? What are all of your coverage options and which ones are right for you?   Ask questions. Get straight answers.    [1] Notes • October 2014 • Vol. 35, No. 10

at Downtown Indianapolis Hilton
120 West Market Street
Indianapolis, United States

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