Inedo Publishes New White Paper Centering Around Best Practices for Source Control

Berea, OH (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

Inedo, creators of BuildMaster and ProGet, have released a new whitepaper, Source Control Done Right. The paper presents some simple solutions to the hurdles that arise when managing source control systems in evolving enterprises.

As professional philosophies shift towards more agile and DevOps mindsets, the technology and methods that are used have to shift with them. A great example of this is looking at traditional source control systems vs. distributed source control systems. By better understanding source control best practices, teams can dramatically increase their productivity, as well as avoid the time consuming, costly, and common pitfalls that come with misuse.

This whitepaper identifies one of the bigger unforeseen challenges faced by software development professionals: the varying levels of expertise they hold regarding source control. This makes a big gap when communicating and coordinating multiple changes across releases, so Source Control Done Right opens by reviewing not only the basics, but exploring some of the more advanced strategies and methodologies of branching.

Source control systems shouldnt be platforms for niched partisan debates, or software brand loyalty. Alex Papadimoulis, Founder and President of Inedo, weighs in on some of the specifics, They are simply tools, tools that help to properly manage source code changes.

I cant stress enough though that a lot of problems related to change management across releases start at the root of peoples understanding of Source Control, explains Alex, At Inedo, and with the clients weve worked with hands-on, weve had a lot of success confronting these issues from the bottom up. Once we get everyone on the same page as to the basics, we find a lot of those problems dry up.

Alex continues, Most of the challenges in source control arise from methodology rather than poorly functioning source control systems. When used properly to manage source code changes; labeling for builds, branching by exception etc., even the poorest rated systems will far outperform an industry leader set-up with haphazard commits and pushes.

Source Control Done Right will also be available for review at

BuildMaster is a web-based automated release platform. Its an out-of-the-box tool specifically designed to help organizations utilize DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and similar methodologies.

Inedo is the development team that created BuildMaster and ProGet. Learn more about BuildMaster at, and by following @inedo on Twitter.

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