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20 Responses to INFINITE – RANKING KING EP 6 [1-3]

  1. Tinzy AJ says:

    I feel like the manager of Infinite always manages to put Sungyeol, Sungjong and Myungsoo in the same situation, whether it be in a competition or a math word problem xd

  2. DinahSaurrr13 says:

    HAHAHA L’S LAUGH. I need that as my alarm. Sungjong hwaiting!

  3. ❤Miss.Xiuney❤ says:

    Everything L does is so cute. Even when that boy asks a question I smile and giggle like a idiot

  4. Grace Son says:

    what is the theme song that they play in the beginning 

  5. NatsumiKenjii says:

    aaah <3 

  6. Carmen Hughes says:

    fart captain Sungyeol

  7. Janey Vipblackjack says:

    Sungyeol be like proud of his Cheer hahaha

  8. kidimaus1 says:

    i feel a bit sorry for sungjong oppa because, he alwasy has a reaaaly low ranking at the beginning but at the end he has a reaallyhigh ranking the people should more *trust* him in that what he can !! sorry… my englisch is baaaad xD

  9. Georgette Marquez says:

    Why sungjong is alwayss last?!

  10. tsanyah fira says:

    Ilike it ^-^

  11. Georgette Marquez says:

    for me, L is smart, but acts lazy. <3

  12. 千秋七海 says:

    Could someone tell me who’s who? ^_^

  13. Twinkle Matter says:

    sungyeol’s so cute when he explained about that whale’s heart stuff. his eyes omfg *O*

  14. Felisse Felarca says:

    L is soooo cute everytime he has a mental breakdown >w<

  15. Tu Ut says:

    Sungyeol is so cute when he talks about watching octopus with his dad (: and at 13:18 the head thing was so precious :D

  16. 老子 says:


  17. ToppOfTheKlass says:

    zero fucks were given by Myungsoo that day xD I love rewatching this . Makes me laugh even more ! ‘Chear’ xD

  18. Tiffany Say HI says:

    HAHHAHA L’s mental breakdowns

  19. Rebecca Rice says:

    Omfg I love Infinite. The group of mental breakdowns. xDD

  20. Janine Frei says:

    theyre really good at english i went to their concert in san jose and they were really cute especially sunggyu

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