Infinity Blade Video Review

IGN gives its video review for the epic fantasy slasher Infinity Blade on the Apple iPhone. Chair Entertainment delivers an amazing title. IGN’s YouTube is j…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Infinity Blade Video Review

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  2. It is the premise of the plot, but you don’t find out until twenty minutes or so in, thus it’s a spoiler. And giving the new James Bond movie as an example is terrible, as it would be a sequel. This game is the first in it’s series, so you wouldn’t know what to expect.

  3. Not if it’s the premise of a plot. Saying that is like saying it’s a spoiler when someone tells someone there’s going to be guns in the new James Bond movie. It’s expected.

  4. The opening cut-scene in no way shows what will happen the first time you fight the God King. It is a spoiler, and you said it. Whether it’s at the ending of a game, or the very start, it is a spoiler.

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