Infographic Breaks Through The SEO Confusion Barrier, Provides Clarity With SEO Information That Works

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) September 11, 2014

NETwork Ave, a premier Colorado SEO Agency, announces the release of their most important infographic to date in regard to creating effective SEO campaigns. The infographic titled, Is Google Giving You the SEO Blues? The infographic details the seven most significant algorithm updates in Googles history. The infographic focuses on the updates that have the most powerful impact on the SEO industry, representing major shifts in how Google reads and ranks websites in regard to SERPs.

“The core principals of Google’s search algorithms can be found by studying its history, its core updates. It is up to the individual to study how and why the algorithms work. There is a lot of misinformation on the web about what makes for good SEO. The Infographic is not giving detailed information but it is giving the reader the “clues” about the updates to study and focus on. When a person understands how another person thinks, anticipating the other persons needs and actions becomes much easier. The same can be said about software, which is what Google Search is. The infographic presents this valuable information in a fun informative way that is not difficult to understand, however it provides content that any SEO professional needs to focus on in order to drive excellent results with their client campaigns, said Joe M. Salvador, NETwork Ave’s CEO.

The Google updates deemed most important to SEO’s include the core algorithm for the Google search engine which is Page Rank. Named after Larry Page, one of Googles founders. Page Rank measures the number and quality of links pointing to a website. Page Rank is the foundational algorithm for all of Google’s web search tools.

The others include the Page Rank Tool-bar that was launched in 2000. This update made Page Rank information available to the public. Page Rank is the value Google assigns to individual websites as determined by their core ranking factors. The other updates are more modern and have made the most dramatic impact on search rank factors for SEO’s in the last ten years. Four out of the five listed in the infographic have been implemented in the last five years. They include; Jagger, Caffeine, Social Signals, Penguin and Panda. Hummingbird is not included, although a major update, it had more to do with how information was displayed on searches for people, places and things. The impact it had on the internet marketing community was relatively minimal as the update was not focused on search results related to businesses.

The Infographic then cleverly draws parallels between these updates and some of the most influential Blues Guitarists of all time. SEO is complicated and after major updates that change the SEO landscape and search engine result pages, it is enough to give any business or SEO professional a case of the blues.

The infographic is posted on the NETwork Ave website blog, which is a valuable resource for industry professionals in all things related to search engine optimization. The creative process on this infographic project was focused on crafting a visually fun piece. The inspiration came from the VH1 “I Love the 80’s” T.V. shows that were poking fun at pop culture with comedians, word bubbles and pithy comments. This is the perfect inspiration because what has had a bigger impact on world culture in the last fifteen years than Google? said Mike Thompson, NETwork Aves Designer.

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