Infographic: Understanding Google AdWords Auction

Infographic: Understanding Google AdWords Auction
Or not. It all depends on how well you know the game… and more importantly, how you play it. “Advertising your business on Google is a fast way to grow traffic to your website, blog, online store and ecommerce venture,” says prominent marketing and …
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Google AdWords New ValueTrack Parameters Help Track Conversion and ROI
google-on-mobile Google's new ValueTrack parameters for Enhanced Campaigns has gone live, helping marketers using keyword level URLs to achieve specific conversion and ROI goals. This is according to a recent announcement on the Google AdWords …
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Google AdWords worth it despite poor eBay report
News of eBay's unfavourable report on the use of paid search marketing may encourage many in the channel to look again at their use of that strategy. Many years ago, paid search marketing was seen purely as an immediate direct sales channel, but it has …
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