Information Technology Industry

Information Technology Industry

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14 thoughts on “Information Technology Industry

  1. The IT industry is a joke. Go Computer Science an learn the programming language an job availability will never be a problem neither will pay. Programmers an database are always in high demand an pay well, It is not an depends on the location.

  2. I’m doing my gcse’s and I need a b to get into maths and I can get it but I would have to revise very harrd. Do ny question is, does information technology include a lot of maths because I find maths quite boring. I don’t mind doing it, but of the whole job relies JUST on maths then I MY have to reconsider.

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  4. Very exciting video. I need to get into IT, it’s where my interests (and proficiency) lie… but it is hard to break into, I think. Working full time and training can be difficult! I think a lot of people like degrees too, but that is off the cards when you can’t take on full time Uni. =( Well, I’ll push on regardless. =D

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