Information Technology Lecture Series: David Berg

David Berg is a Business and Technology Consultant focused on Business Development, Leadership Mentoring, and Training. He has experience and expertise in Internet business and professional marketing. Mr. Berg loves teaching and mentoring. For the last 6 years, he has been teaching/facilitating a Leadership Development Program for business professionals and executives. To date he has put more than 250 business professionals through the 4-month program with amazing results. He started his career as a US Navy Flight Officer, then for over 25 years a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for high technology companies like IBM, Unisys and SUN MicroSystems. He has significant experience in business, technology and leadership. These skills have helped him be extremely successful in all of his professional careers.

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4 Responses to Information Technology Lecture Series: David Berg

  1. tjjones691 says:

    I got my bachelor in I.T few years ago, I’ve never see a great lecturer like this. David Berg is a good teacher.

  2. obalronalyn says:


  3. stefan3273 says:

    yea i agree with u

  4. cxaxnxexs says:

    this man is a great lecturer!

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