Infotech: Installing a fan controller

How to install a fan controller.

22 thoughts on “Infotech: Installing a fan controller

  1. Most new fan controllers require 1 or 2 molex cables to be plugged into the fan controlling unit, and have a 3/4 pin (not molex) output for 3-6 fans. This is much better than plugging the 3/4 pin into the motherboard because there will be less stress on the mobo as well as better cable management. For those of you who don’t know where it the unit goes, it goes into the 3.5/5.25 inch drive bay in the front panel

  2. OK, so im building a pc with an aerocool easywatch, and i need to know whether most gigabyte motherboards will have three pin power slots? If so, will they have enough slots for me to not have to use the psu and adapters? Thanks!

  3. what if my Fan only has a 4 pin Molex cable (that plugs into the psu) and no small 3 pin heads that would connect on the motherboard ? I’m planning to get a fan controller but i don’t know which fans are compatible with the fan controller.

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