Infotech: Installing a fan controller

How to install a fan controller.

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  1. Superbenjem says:

    That is ok! Where did you get the controller??

  2. InfotechSystemsInc says:

    You can get fans at the link to Infotech in the description I do not recall the model of the controller. Sorry.

  3. Benjamin Smith says:

    thx another thing… sorry if this is annoying! where can i get those fans and what is the name of the fan controller

  4. InfotechSystemsInc says:

    One power supply is more than enough to power 3 fans.

  5. Superbenjem says:

    Another question… 3. Do you have to have 3 power supplies for 3 fans or can you run them all from 1 power supply?

  6. Superbenjem says:

    I have a few questions that are confusing me… Plz answer! 1. Can you have loads of fans on 1 controller 2. What are those fans cos i want them

  7. Labau Sorin says:

    Thx u help me :)

  8. thehexfoster says:

    lesbian wires looks like my computers about to get hot get it 😉

  9. ViolationNotice says:


  10. MrDivad006 says:

    Thank you :D

  11. FlowerAbduction says:

    So… Every fan has a cable like that? Please answer 😛

  12. randybolhuis1 says:

    and they are replaceble if i had this controller i would have put in blue leds

  13. xxSuperFlowxx says:

    Most new fan controllers require 1 or 2 molex cables to be plugged into the fan controlling unit, and have a 3/4 pin (not molex) output for 3-6 fans. This is much better than plugging the 3/4 pin into the motherboard because there will be less stress on the mobo as well as better cable management. For those of you who don’t know where it the unit goes, it goes into the 3.5/5.25 inch drive bay in the front panel

  14. ZELDAFAN152 says:

    can someone please explain to me where the fan controller GOES? like, do you have to drill a hole in the side of the case or something?

  15. Therebel3000 says:

    OK, so im building a pc with an aerocool easywatch, and i need to know whether most gigabyte motherboards will have three pin power slots? If so, will they have enough slots for me to not have to use the psu and adapters? Thanks!

  16. sermerlin1 says:

    ofc you can except that you wouldn’t be able to control individually those 2 fans you connected via fan splitter. :)

  17. Thesleeper99 says:

    Can you use a fan splitter if you have four fans but only a three nob controller?

  18. turbotonic27 says:

    out of focus

  19. FreeLessonsOnGuitar says:

    what if my Fan only has a 4 pin Molex cable (that plugs into the psu) and no small 3 pin heads that would connect on the motherboard ? I’m planning to get a fan controller but i don’t know which fans are compatible with the fan controller.

  20. waththecluck says:

    @InfotechSystemsInc does it have to be a particular type of fan

  21. zimri19 says:

    really nice, but i prefer automatic fan controllers. however this is a neat-looking fancontroller

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