21 Replies to “Inside Google’s wildly ambitious internet balloon project”

  1. +The Verge put together a nice video about +Project Loon, and its progress in trying to bring high speed internet access to the most remote corners of the globe. Learn more about the project’s evolution, from strapping a router to a single balloon, to switching from routers to LTE antennae, to making sure the balloons stay aloft for 6 months at a time. You can also read the full article at goo.gl/54OuXf

  2. Im confused. I have AT&T, would I be able to connect to the balloons for free? Would I have to pay to connect? Or would Google just be another cell service carrier?

  3. why is google suddenly careing about how poor people in south africa or south america are getting internet acces? what is googles benefit from this? do they want just more data?

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