Insightpool Launches the Next Generation of Social Selling

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 01, 2015

Insightpool, the Social Relationship Intelligence Platform, today launched their new social selling platform. The platform allows sales teams to identify and score leads based on social demographic and behavioral criteria, and nurture those leads through advanced engagement capabilities and targeted campaigns. With seamless integrations into leading CRM and Marketing Automation systems, Insightpool can discover new leads and help propel existing leads through the sales funnel with detailed insights into social selling campaigns to measure their success.

Sales representatives can start by matching existing leads to their social profiles, and identifying additional leads based on Insightpools unique targeting algorithms and social data. Those leads are ranked with a unique score that registers their intent to convert, and the platform then enables nurturing of leads across social channels through authentic, scalable engagements.

Companies understand the brand value of social, but actual social selling requires a different way of thinking and different approach, says Devon Wijesinghe, Insightpool CEO. Social marketing is about creating conversations, but social selling is about mining those conversations for intent. It requires authentic, personal conversations that can operate at scale, but also insight into when and how to engage leads. Were excited to provide those capabilities to sales teams with Insightpools new social selling platform.

Insightpools proprietary scoring system allows social sellers the ability to identify and target leads that are most likely to engage and convert. The platforms predictive algorithms analyze leads against specific campaign goals across more than 60 unique social variables and thousands of topics, discerning who to target, and how and when to engage them.

As social networks become increasingly necessary sales channels, sales teams need to be able to run scalable, fully integrated campaigns. Recent studies have shown that salespeople using social media outsell 78 percent of their peers, and 64 percent of teams that use social selling hit quota compared to 49 percent that do not have a social selling strategy. With the launch of Insightpools social selling platform, alongside their flagship social marketing platform, Insightpool encompasses the full sales and marketing stack, and empowers social selling.

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