Installing BSR PPC Stage 1 to a 2006 SAAB 93 2.0T 210hp Auto

This just arrived today we had already tuned it but had not driven it yet because we wanted to remove the speed limiter which is done by selecting the top speed on the website via linking up ur ppc to ur acct, then after that you go and retune the car and the speed limiter lifts. I wanted to show the whole process from out of box to 60mph, its pretty much the best speed boost your going to find for under 00, I havent taken it on the freeway yet which is where you really see the change but initially I’m very pleased, and like I mentioned I bought this thru Hahn Racecraft and theyre just so easy to deal with, Ive ordered from genuinesaab and esetuning both are great but Hahn is just more knowledgeable and seem more concerned that you’re happy than with just selling you something so I’m old school I appreciate that still, lol this was my 40th birthday present as I enter midlife crisis and find the need for my car to go faster lol. If you need any help or have any questions feel free to ask, I studied this thing for 2 months straight before getting 1, if your looking to put an upgrade on your saab this is what you want this company is in very tight with saab aka koenigsegg and does most of their testing on saabs
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15 thoughts on “Installing BSR PPC Stage 1 to a 2006 SAAB 93 2.0T 210hp Auto

  1. Thanks for posting, I’m getting this for my Cadillac BLS 2006 2,8L T automatic. Borde ha gjort det från första början, nu när kusinen har 280bhp i sin Audi A4 2,0 T Quattro wagon.

  2. by inspection I’m assuming you mean smog? yes it will pass because the software is reversible you just reset it to factory before going to get any work or inspections done. And yes the speed and rpm limits are lifted, the software doesnt come setup automatically to remove limits but you just login to BSR website and download the files and then reload the software

  3. you can change out exhaust you just cant swap to a 3 inch downpipe without upgrading the software to stage 3 and then you’re needing to have 92 oct or better on gas, which is why here in los angeles I have avoided that because we are stuck with 91 oct premium and Im not looking to have to mix in racing gas every tank

  4. its natural for ur air conditioner to condensate on hot days just like a cold glass of water would ona hot day the air conditiong pipes get really cold and the heat is hot and moisture is formed ta-da! it has nothing to do with the opti flow and its normal. thats why when u leave ur car after using the a/c ona hot day if u mvoe it 10 mins later there will be a mini puddle of water on the floor,.]

  5. Probably worth mentioning… it’s best to stay in the car with the doors closed while tuning. Opening/closing the doors sends various signals, not to mention puts extra strain on the battery. Get in, switch everything off, then tune. If you screw up or your battery drops too much while tuning, kiss goodbye to your ECU.

  6. The nice thing about this that i didnt mention is the fact that most of the torque gain comes in 3rd gear when ur running from 45- 80, the 0-60 has improved by about .8 secs to 1.1 depending but its the passing gear thats brutal, even jeremy on Top Gear was like whoa now I know why saab owners have that smug look like they have a secret only they know, the secret being that at 50-80 itll eat a bmw or audi like its a snack and make a run at a porsche 911, needless to say after 80 ur screwed lol

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