Instant PR Traffic – Press Release Domination – How to Use Press Releases

The best Press release site Bootcamp Alumni Access: this includes a 1.00 trial to Newswire after which they are put int…
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  1. Robert Stone`s WebmastersPost says:
  2. MM Mahabir says:

    Good video Robert. To gain more from your efforts do visit Cheers~

  3. John Paduchak says:

    Nice video Robert. Press Releases are totally about having a good newsworthy story. Getting started with them for my Google Hangouts, Podcasts and SEO training.

  4. Miriam Slozberg says:

    thanks so much for sharing this, very helpful. 

  5. Luna Mickey says:

    Important topic! Press Release with marketing online is a powerful combination.

  6. Rick Eade says:

    Nice short informative video on PR

  7. genesis1177 says:

    what is the exact web address of newswire? I googled it and a bunch of sites were listed under the term “newswire”.

  8. John Gaines says:

    This really works…

  9. Sean Atkisson says:

    Thanks for the very informative video about how press releases can help us rank our information, websites, videos, etc. you are a great example of this yourself.

  10. Wayne Mansfield says:

    nice, thanks for sharing the info…

  11. Ron Callari says:

    I’ve tried using the freebie press releases – and received very little traction from visitors– I guess you get what you pay for!

  12. Marcin Żółtowski says:

    Definitely worthy of trying out. Thank you for sharing. 

  13. Goran Glogovac says:

    Really great video Robert.

  14. Bruce & Sally Witt says:

    Really good info on Press Release and marketing your brand. Press Release Domination – How to Use Press Releases for Instant Rankings and Traffic

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