Insurrection at LADOT

Insurrection at LADOT
First, I have no inside knowledge of what is going on between De La Vega, senior staff, those protesting, and the “rank and file. … This theory gained traction after one former LADOT staffer recounted a story where De La Vega told a traffic engineer …
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Football Geekery, Week Seven
This ability to fight back with its backs against the wall can be seen a little more clearly with the help of the collected drive stats for each team found on the excellent Football Outsiders web site. This page looks at a team's average production (or …

Content Auditing 101: A Rundown on Content Auditing Essentials
If there is one thing content managers, web developers, and similar specialists dread doing with their website, it would be content auditing. However, they are the same people who will attest how valuable this task is when optimizing a website …
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