InSync: Dropbox for Google Docs!

InSync: Dropbox for Google Docs!

Insync = Google Docs Desktop Sync. Try it here: This works on Mac OSX and Windows! — Subscribe on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Circle on Google+: Like on Facebook:

19 Replies to “InSync: Dropbox for Google Docs!”

  1. I can’t wait to try insync. Biggest benefit for me over dropbox is that you can search inside of your documents, and automatically-OCRed scanned PDFs, all from the browser or from the Docs Android app. Thanks for the helpful video!

  2. Sugarsync has more features and more free space (5GB + more could be earned). If you sign up using this link, goo. gl / 4CPHE, we’d both get 500mb extra storage for free. Just remove the spaces.

  3. 250 MB is really nothing, if your have enough space with the free dropbox it’s find, but when you need more, Insync is way cheaper 20GB for 5$/year or 80GB for 20$/year and more.

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