Integrating Digital Marketing within Traditional Methods-Training & Seminar

Integrating Digital Marketing within Traditional Methods-Training & Seminar
Event on 2015-12-03 08:30:00
Integrating Digital Marketing within Traditional Methods: Intensive training focused on the essential elements of digital marketing and how to incorporate them within the “old-school” methods that are still required in today’s marketplace. Digital Marketing— identify current opportunities to utilize digital marketing: Social Media, Email Marketing, YouTube, Google Adwords, SEO Traditional Tactics—discuss traditional strategies and the effectiveness of each: Direct Mail, Magazine/Newspapers/Networking, Trade Shows, Other Media Determining the Proper Mix and Budget— Create a plan to ensure a proper marketing mix, determine an effective budget, and how to measure results **Our Professional Seminars & Trainings help individuals and organizations achieve greater success with powerful innovative coaching techniques. We focus on meeting the developmental needs across every industry and profession. Whether you are an owner of a company, an executive within a corporation, manager in business, or simply looking to enhance your professional skills, our powerful seminars will challenge and create immediate growth opportunities.

at Ultra Lounge @ Powerhouse Studios
7 Littell Road
East Hanover, United States

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