Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

Image by jurvetson
Seen by the entrance to the CTO’s office of a nanotech company… =)

(gray goo primer for the curious)

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5 Responses to Intelligent Design

  1. Todd Huffman says:

    Ah, I would like to amend that sign…. "never release nanobot assemblers without MUTATION RESISTANT replication limiting code"

  2. Victor1 says:

    I agree with that caveat! We already have ‘bird flu’ from animals eating molecularly incompatable genetically modified foods and their systems developing wierd ‘accomodations’ which eventually lead to ‘mystery viruses’. Leave mother nature alone! She repays fiddling with nasty repercussions.

  3. Cheryl Hellcat says:

    Hmmm…grey goo. Interesting.

  4. KipIngram says:

    I’d like to see objective data supporting the notion that bird flu arose from animals eating GM foods. Could you email references to Thanks very much! Kip

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