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Using Technology to Get Exposure

Using Technology to Get Exposure

            The entertainment industry is one of the biggest in the world. With billions of dollars being spent on everything from concert tickets to apparel and merchandise emblazoned with a band or actor’s name, there are a myriad of ways to market talent to audiences.

            With the unyielding presence of MySpace and YouTube, it was only a matter of time before executives and industry insiders took advantage of the sudden surge technology could provide them. While not only does any sort of exposure or publicity help already established careers, but it can help start up new talent.

            If you are an aspiring singer, dancer, actor, or model, you want yourself to be known. You want to be seen by the public, and in order to get that far, you at first need to be seen by those already inside the industry. With this breadth of new technology and the instant accessibility of the internet, companies like well-established InterFACE Talent Network have taken notice.

            The constantly increased usage of MySpace, YouTube, and similar sites have increased user content, making the pool of hopefuls using them as ways to get their “break” that much more difficult. What InterFACE Talent Network has done, however, is groundbreaking in the industry. By creating, a safe and user-friendly database of talent profiles containing online composite cards, promo reels, demos, and mp3s, the important exposure is granted, with professionalism and the marketability that industry insiders notice.

            InterFACE Talent Network is a true way to set aspiring entertainers apart from those who make amateur photos, videos, and demos, wondering why they never get a real chance. When a talent agent or manager sees a quality reel of an actor showing off his or her craft, or a high resolution photo of a stunning model, the odds are much more in their favor. Since exposure is so important, InterFACE Talent Network is reliable because it is trusted by those who you want to see your talent and remember you. Unlike YouTube and other similar sites, InterFACE Talent will exclusively show your marketing package to legitimate agencies and managers, casting directors, and music producers, so you can be assured of safety and a most favorable audience—that is, before the public one.

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