Intermediate Users Guide to Facebook | 1 Day

Intermediate Users Guide to Facebook | 1 Day
Event on 2014-11-06 09:30:00

*NB* This course offers up to 4 free places for those on the Live Register. If you wish to avail of a place a valid PPS number MUST be provided.

Are you in business or thinking about starting one? Do you need to learn how to use Facebook from a business perspective, including your marketing and communication strategy ?

This 1 Day workshop is designed for businesses with existing Facebook pages. We will help you to maximise the use of it and develop a clear strategy for reaching your customer base. This workshop is also a great follow up to our Beginners Guide to Faceboook workshop.Topics Covered in this Workshop Include:

  • Merge and migrate information on business pages
  • Create a branding strategy
  •  Increase visitor engagement
  •  Set up a competition within Facebook guidelines
  •  Manage Facebook and SEO
  •  Integrate Facebook with website and other social media platforms

at In-Tuition Learning and Development Limited c/o I.C.E Group
Tuam Road
Galway, Ireland

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