International Coach Academy Publishes 3 New Graduate Yearbooks: Latest Editions Represent Diversity of Their Certified Coaching Training Programs

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

Each Yearbook showcases the original work of ICA graduate coaches including their Coaching Power Too l, Coaching Model and Coaching Research Paper.

These unique publications contain a diverse research and unique tools developed by ICAs latest graduates. This first-ever publication by a coach training school, the Yearbooks profile every graduating student with a link to their ‘portfolio’ of work including their unique Coaching Tool, Coaching Research Paper, and Coaching Model.

According to CEO Robyn Logan, We are delighted to see our yearbooks truly reflect the global nature of our student and graduate body. Our training offers students an ICF-accredited coach training program and the enriching experience of learning from their peers from all over the world.

Unlike most schools that follow cookie cutter coaching models, ICA graduates spend time developing their own unique approach to coaching, which results in a publication of over 200 original pieces of work on the topic of coaching. This assessment requirement, unique to ICA, helps our graduates take a firmer footing among the worlds most competent coaches.

The Graduate Yearbook comes as ICA celebrates the graduation of an additional 85 new life and executive coaches from their Certified Professional Coach training program. The students, who represent 22 countries, have earned their Certificate of Professional Coaching, fulfilling ICAs rigorous assessment and graduation requirements as accredited by the International Coach Federation.

ICA has been delivering the highest standards of professional coaching; International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited training for over 10 years. We are so very proud of our graduates who, like classes in the past, represent the richness of our student body and alumni which include professional coaches, managers, teachers, health professionals, real estate agents you name it, says Logan.

To experience the latest International Coach Academy Graduate Yearbook 2012 edition click here.

Globally more than 5,000 students have attended the International Coach Academy from more than 90 countries. Today, with over 40 full and part time staff and trainers located throughout the world, ICA operates around the clock, over multiple time zones. Students access courses from their homes and yet engage with people from every corner of the world.

ICA fosters worldwide connection among established and prospective coaches as well as those who use the coaching process in their business, their art, and their relationships.

ICAs Coaching Teleseminars regularly attract 500+ participants a month, bringing together people from all over the world who have an interest in learning more about the professional coach certification. Participants are leaving more excited to apply what they have learned about being a successful coach. ICAs Teleseminar host Merci Miglino, explains, We are delighted to offer relevant and valuable information through our monthly speaker series and educational programs to meet the increasing demand for support in the coaching field.

About ICA. International Coach Academy is one of the worlds leading providers of coach training programs and certification. We are a well-established school for those who want to be a coach. Here adults become professional coaches while sharing and connecting with a global coaching community. We are extraordinary people who are bringing the power of coaching the realization of the human potential for creativity and resourcefulness to changing the world for the better.

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