International Low Cost Phone Calls with the VPHO App Very Popular in USA, Brasil and UAE

(PRWEB) May 29, 2013

When looking to contact friends or families outside of the immediate calling area, there are often a few additional processes that one must go through in order to make the call successful. However, with the appsolutely all mobile app VPHO, international calls can now be made easily through the mobile platform without requiring the purchase of an international phone card through a third party provider, which also saves the caller from dialing long pin numbers in order to place the call.

In recent months, the company has found that their excellent coverage and inexpensive plans have resulted in a spike in popularity in several regions.

We offer good call rates to any part of USA, Brasil and UAE and other countries, says Hadar.

It’s possible, others in the industry can beat our prices, but with other providers, you must use a calling card or pay and additional cost for place the call. And with our expanded bandwidth, VPHO offers great connection quality, says Yuda Hadar, CEO of VPHO.

VPHO, or course, already provides a complimentary voice call service to customers to anyone who has the app installed to their mobile device. Calls can be made using either the WiFi/3G connection or local minutes. To make a complimentary call simply choose the contact and press the Free Call Button.

The VPHO app provides information from their phonebook to show which of their contacts also have the app by displaying the VPHO logo next to the contact name. Calls made to these contacts are entirely free when using the WiFi or 3G connection.

Users interested can download it at no cost from Google Play or iTunes.

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