Internet Marketing Boot Camp – Perth

Internet Marketing Boot Camp – Perth
Event on 2013-03-25 09:00:00


Have you ever been to a training course, learned lots, forgot most of the information with a week and never actually really took action. This won't happen at this training course because you will be reinforcing what you have learned and taking action during the training.

The Boot Camp consists of two days of live demonstrations, case studies and hands on practice on business to business internet marketing strategies.

On day 1 you will learn the how to generate business to business leads, nurture them and convert them into sales using internet marketing tactics like social media, webinars, blogging, email marketing and strategic partners.

You will spend Day 2 actually using what you learnt the day before to build your internet marketing strategy with the guidance of the instructor.

There will be lots of time for questions and you will leave with your internet marketing strategy in your hands and the knowledge to implement the strategy successfully.


Training Outline

Day 1: Training


The training will begin with an overview of the strategy to generate B2B leads online:

  1. Create Content
  2. Attract visitors to your website
  3. Capture their details
  4. Nurture until ready to purchase
  5. Convert to a client
  6. Measure and Test

Identify your target market

The first thing you need to do when creating your strategy is to identify your ideal client. Online marketing allows you to target your niche specifically. You will learn the quickest and most effective ways of defining your target market.

The Strategy in Detail

1. Create

Step 1 is to create irresistible content that your target marketing is searching for online. You will learn the benefits and keys to creating effective:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Videos
  3. Webinars
  4. eBooks

2. Attract

Step 2 is to promote that content online to get it in front of your target audience to drive those prospects back to your website. You will learn how to use:

  1. Social Media including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pintarest
  2. Strategic Partnerships including joint webinars, guest blogging, joint email campaigns and expert interviews
  3. Pay Per Click advertising including Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads

3. Capture

Step 3 is to capture the details of the visitors to your website so you can continue to develop a relationship even after they leave your website. You will cover to how optimise:

  1. Landing pages
  2. Capture forms

4. Nurture

Once you have the email address and/or phone number of a lead, you can provide them with content over a period of time which answers their buying questions and moves them along the sales cycle. If you do this consistently you will become a trusted advisor and when they are ready to buy, you will be their obvious choice to call. You will learn how to use:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Autoresponders

5. Convert

At some point you need to ask for the sale and we cover the following methods to convert a prospect into a sale:

  1. Special Offers
  2. Webinars
  3. Phone calls


Day 2: Workshop

Day two is where you put into practice what you have learned the day before.

As a group we will work through the strategy to create a custom strategy for your business. To accomplish this you will work part of the day with the instructor, within a small group and by yourself.

This process will not only produce a unique strategy for your business, but also reinforce what you learned the day before and give you practical experience.

This course is about taking action and reinforcing your learning.



What is the bootcamp all about?

Internet Marekting Bootcamp is a 2 day intensive training in a class setting. We teach internet marketing strategies to generate high quality leads for businesses servicing B2B clients


Who is the bootcamp for?

The Boot Camp is ideal for:

  1. Business owners that needs to get your product or service in front of more people
  2. Marketing professionals who needs to implement new social media and internet marketing tactics in their business
  3. Sales managers who just need more leads for their team
  4. Entrepreneurs with a business idea

If know a lot about internet marketing strategies, but have done nothing about it, bootcamp is for you. Bootcamp is all about implementation not just training. By the end of the two days you will have developed your strategy for your business.


Is this just another internet marketing course that promises the world and delivers little?

Great question. That question is the reason we created this bootcamp. We are sick and tired of gimmicky sales people promising untold riches from 5 minutes of effort per day online.

Everything in life that leads to success takes time and requires hard work. Internet marketing can create massive amounts of success for your business, but it takes time and discipline. That is why we have created such an intensive workshop where you learn to do the work yourself.



All attendees will receive a workbook with course notes. This is where you will record their marketing strategy. You will also reciev a USB stick pre-loaded with support resources so they can work on a laptop while at the course. You will have to provide your own laptop.



Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided (special dietary options are available, we must be notified if required).


Wireless Access

Access to a wireless network and power is available at no charge if you wish to bring along a laptop or tablet.

at Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology
166 Murray St
Perth, Australia

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