Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Internet Marketing Bootcamp
Event on 2013-07-12 09:00:00

the internetmarketingbootcamp is an exclusive training experience like none other. Instead of inviting traditional speakers and trainers, we invite the true internet marketing gurus
(ie nerds!). These are the men & women who live, eat, and breathe internet marketing.   I INVITE YOU to join me at our next event at beautiful Thanksgiving Point for this exclusive training experience.  

  • 2 days of pure content; no fluff
  • Training will range from beginning level to advanced
  • The best internet marketers will be presenting
  • Implementation session at the end of the conference
  • Lunches included

Because this event is limited to 40 people, we only have a few tickets available. Once it is sold out, it is sold out. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.



What people are saying:


Dear Kim,
I want to give you a BIG thank you for inviting me to join your Internet Marketing Bootcamp on Friday and Saturday. It was seriously the two most valuable and productive days of business marketing education in my life!

I am exited to implement what I learned one step at a time and see my business thrive. I think after 2 days with you, I will be able to double my production in less than a year. I look forward to telling you when I have achieved that goal. Thank you again!


Ryan Woolston



Trainers Include:  

Kim Flynn: Lover of business, organizing, systems, and internet marketing. I am a speaker, trainer, and business consultant for women and a few brave men. I teach entrepreneurs how to systematize, structure, and automate their work so they can grow their business to its potential.

I host monthly Business Retreats in the Salt Lake City area, as well as quarterly events around the country.



Ryan Bradshaw: I am a passionate entrepreneur and coach. I help businesses to take advantage of the powerful tools we have at our fingertips. It used to be that the only people who could create powerful marketing campaigns had to have millions of dollars and huge teams. The internet has leveled the playing field.





Andrew James:  Adventureprenuership
It is possible…
To be, do, and have more than you ever thought possible. There is a catch though. The only place I know of where there are really no ceilings, no limits, and only principles to guide you (no man made rules) is entrepenuership.

Specialties: Marketing, strategy, being able to connect dots and see profit centers and monetization strategies not seen before. Photographic and creative edge, ultimately its my ability to connect and use the specialized technical, creative and business knowledge together that makes me valuable.


Sean Burrows is Managing Director of Enliven Group LLC and comes from a background in interactive media consulting, web-based public relations, and search-based marketing. In 2005, Mr. Burrows co-founded Enliven Group, an interactive media consulting firm that manages comprehensive online marketing and public relations campaigns. Enliven Group provides services in Internet marketing, search engine optimization, website design and development, social media management, copy writing, and fully website audits.


Bruce Rowe: President of Sebo Marketing. Internet marketing specialist with over 6 years of experience working with clients and search engines. Guest lecturer at UVU, BYU, and BYU MBA classes for over 5 years. Clients throughout the United States, as well as internationally in Australia, Canada, and Ireland.





Chris Bennett: I run a search engine optimization company called 97th Floor ( we specialize in natural and organic search engine optimization, viral marketing, reputation management and social media optimization.

Some of our clients include, Omniture, Stephen Covey, Henry Schein, Dentrix, Elance and Learning Annex as well as many other large players in very competitive industries.


. . . and more!


Friday Schedule of Events

Trainers give 45 minute presentations, with a 15 minute Q&A segment at the end. All presentations are interactive.

Friday 9-12 Morning

Morning Training

Friday 12:00 Lunch

A plated lunch is included with your ticket.

Friday 1-4 Afternoon

Training & Implementation


Saturday Schedule of Events

Friday 9-12 Morning

Morning Training

Saturday 12:00 Lunch

A plated lunch is included with your ticket.

1-4 Afternoon

Training & Implementation, we end the day with implementation. How are you going to use what you are learning?
What do I bring?
Please bring your laptop, charger, and an extension cord if needed. You are also welcome to bring your flip cameras & tripods to record.

 FYI: This is not a sell-a-thon. However, the speakers have been invited to make their services available to the attendees. If presenter desires to make an offer, selling product at the conference is limited to 5 minutes of each presentation, and is not the focus of this event.

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at Thanksgiving Point, Tropical Room
3003 North Thanksgiving Way
Lehi, United States

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