Internet Marketing Company fishbat, Inc. Wants to Unplug for the Titanic II Voyage

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) March 10, 2013

On March 10, 2013, leading Internet marketing company fishbat, Inc. responds to the announcement from Titanic II developers that there will be no social media or emailing upon the ship when it sets voyage for the first time in 2016.

Clive Palmer, owner of Blue Star cruise line and billionaire mining tycoon, is funding the project. Palmer recently announced that there will be no email, Facebook posting or tweeting about the voyage aboard the Titanic II, in order to help replicate how passengers may have experienced life aboard the original luxury Titanic in 1912, reports The Times of India.

Its no bad thing to take some time with your family and friends, Palmer said. In 1912 things were simpler.

The article reports that about 40,000 people have already expressed an interest in booking a cabin on the voyage scheduled to begin in late 2016. The ship will offer 835 first, second and third-class cabins. This time, however, there will be more than enough lifeboats available.

The Times of India also reported that Titanic II passengers will each be provided with a wardrobe of 1912 clothes.

This is truly an amazing spectacle that only the first Titanic voyage could ever rival, comments fishbat CMO Jennifer Calise. The natural feel and authenticity of Titanic II should not get in the way of the cruises enjoyment. Social media has become a cloud that hovers over our heads and by boarding the Titanic II, I feel that the trip through time will help remind us of a simpler time.

Calise and the owners of fishbat promise to unplug all social media services upon the Titanic IIs first departure.

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