Internet Marketing Experts Profit Leverage Announces Reputation Management Services

Copenhagen, Denmark (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

Following a very successful expansion of its marketing team two months ago, Profit Leverage announces reputation management services to help businesses affected by negative comments and reviews found online. Its very common for unhappy customers to post negative content about a company online, and when those comments show up in search results, it has a damaging effect on the company said Martin White, CEO of Profit Leverage, adding that If you are searching for a service provider and negative content shows up next to their name in the search engines, you will definitely think twice about doing business with that service provider.

Companies hit by negative content can turn things around with effective reputation management. Most companies offering reputation management doesnt solve the core issue. We do reputation management very differently, and its really a two part process. First of all you need to address the issues, otherwise its a complete waste to try and fix the reputation of a company, because it will happen again in the future. It always amazes me how most service providers dont do this vital first step.

The marketing team behind Profit Leverage has many years of experience in online marketing. Looking at our marketing team, we all have between 7 and 15 years experience in online marketing said Martin White, adding that The same goes for our creative team, they are highly talented.

The need for reputation management is only going in one direction according to the CEO: People have a tendency to voice their opinion, especially if they feel mistreated, and with the help of the Internet, its almost too easy to do. If a company doesnt treat its customer properly, it will get swamped with negative content very quickly.

Profit Leverage offers many different services tailored for each client, such as:

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