Internet Marketing For Beginners

Internet Marketing For Beginners
Event on 2012-11-09 09:00:00
"In Just One Weekend You'll Discover
Everything You Need To Start Or Grow Your Business Using The Internet…"
The secret to more customers, more sales, more website traffic, more free time, and more money is LITERALLY at your fingertips… and it’s WAY easier than you think! (We’ll show you how to get it!)If Your Not Getting Found Online, You're Getting Lost! It's no secret the marketing most small businesses use today are nearing extinction.

  • Newspaper readership is down.
  • People are no longer opening their mailboxes. 
  • Heck, just try to think of the last time you opened a phone book!
  • Search Engines, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Online Retailers, Pay Per Click Marketing, Email… This is the way business is moving.

The new digital age doesn't care if you're not following the trends. You either need to…Get On The Bus, Or Get Left Behind!
What you will learn:

  • Local business marketing – perfect for doctors, denist, laywers, chriropractors
  • Affiliate marketing – learn how to make money from home
  • Social media marketing (Become an Expert in Facebook and Google+ marketing)
  • How to generate online leads for your networking marketing business
  • How to publish and ebook on the Amazon Kindle Platform 

Meet Your Personal Marketing Dream Team… Francis Ablola"The Internet Gurus' Hired Gun" Francis (That's me!) is a Million Dollar Marketing Strategist and Award Winning Advertising Copywriter. In the last 10 years he's worked Fortune 1000 companies to garage startups helping these business grow online. He's known for creating marketing promotions that have generated tens of thousands of new leads, and millions in revenue for his clients. 

  Bernard Ablola"The Special Forces of Online Traffic" Bernard is a traffic generation expert. Since being head hunted by Microsoft as one of the first analysts to launch the AdCenter Platform he has consulted with the world's largest name brands and companies helping direct over million in annual ad spend. Today he helps his clients create instant floods of traffic via paid media and convert those visitors into paying customers.   
Brian Hanson"Small Town Boy turns 0 into  MILLION in Online Sales" Brian is a traffic and lead generation expert. He took an idea and a simple 5 page website and turned it into over million in sales in under 4 years. A self taught SEO expert he dominates the web for top-level keyword phrases and generates over 200,000 visitors a month to his niche websites. A self-proclaimed "technology idiot," he did this without ever building a website himself or touching a line of HTML code.

   Ryan Bush"Online High Ticket Sales"  What Ryan sells online some would say is impossible. That's because he's created a system to sell houses over the internet. A real estate investor, Ryan attracts house buyers and house sellers to his proven automated online follow up systems to make money selling homes around the clock without him being involved. Today he trains other investors across North America to do the same. The Internet Business Intensive Imagine, in just one short weekend discovering the most powerful strategies, tools, and tactics for growing your business online… Grow your business and income light-years ahead of where it is now, following a simple, proven, and easy to implement action guide we you'll get at this hands-on intensive workshop. This isn't a rah-rah, feel good type event. This is "get our hands dirty and go to work" time. After our time together you'll leave a learn, mean, Internet marketing machine. In fact, we're keeping the room small to give you personal attention if you need or want it. Our goal to is to make 100% sure you leave with what you came for! Don't you think for a second this is the run-of-the-mill seminar. And no, this is NOT pitch fest. This isn't that kind of horse and pony show. We're delivering VALUE. Past Attendees:  You will be networking with the top people in their fields, so bring plenty of business cards.

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Building your personalized Internet Marketing Plan from the ground up. If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. We'll work with you to create a strategy you can leave with and put into action right away. This plan will be your blueprint to success online even if you have zero experience. 
"Under The Radar" Profit Centers for real estate investors. You're leaving money on the table! 
Your "lifestyle driven" business plan! For us, it's about less work, more money, more freedom, more time. (And more time on the beach!) Sitting on the beach may not be what you're looking for, but we can help you design your plan to meet your goals whatever they may be!  Turning your PASSION into Profit. One of the things we love to do is find what people are truly passionate about… and help them turn that into a business income for them. If you've ever read the best selling book, "The Four Hour Work Week", the author talks about the "Muse". It's a business you set up and it runs with out you. We'll help you find your "Muse" and give you the steps to turn it into your own personal cash machine!
How to run your online operations if you know ZILCH, NADA, ZIP about technology or the Internet!
The quick and easy way to get a professional website running in 15 minutes flat – with no web designer needed! And it's 100% Free! Dominating your local marketplace in lightening speed. (Local marketing is the fastest, simplest, easiest, and most powerful way to get highly targeted sellers and buyers paying attention to what you can do for them.)
Automated Lead Magnets for any business. If you have a new business, and want more customers (who doesn't) we'll walk you though creating a "Lead Magnet" that drives your perfect prospect to your doorstep – even while you sleep!
How to get floods of highly targeted customers to any website instantly! We'll talk about traffic. Paid and free sources, and how you can turn them on like a faucet. Get your ideal customers to find you online immediately.
How to get on the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing, and Yahoo! Brian is an expert at search engine optimization. He dominates the search engines for top searches for hundreds of terms. Until now it's seemed like a mysterious black box. But Brian and our expert web traffic panel will walk you through the BACK DOOR way to top rankings!
How to get a new online business running overnight – and the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to make additional money using the Internet in your spare time. Video Marketing Online. Video is SIMPLE – if you know the shortcuts. We'll show you how to produce quality videos for just a few bucks, and use that video to dominate search engines and YouTube! You don't even need to be the face on camera if you don't to be. You'll get our tricks for creating videos people love to watch, which leads to die hard fans and customers!
The 5X Multiplier. I've got an easy way to make the majority of your marketing efforts push button easy. I shared this for the first time in a room in Toronto and they were falling over themselves with excitement. I'll do in depth of what the 5X Multiplier is and how you can use it in your business immediately!
The Product Creation Workshop. If you're looking to start a new online business, or want to add an additional revenue stream to your existing business – then we'll show you the secret to getting stuff to sell, practically overnight. We'll show you how to find products at deeply discounted process to resell. And we'll also go into creating your own information product and the easy way to have your product made with zero budget!
Demystifying the "tech side" of internet marketing. Forget the mumbo jumbo about HTML, CSS, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT, PHP – yada yada yada. You'll know what you need to know, and have someone else worry about the rest!
Brand Yourself As An Expert! The web is a great place to establish your brand. We'll show you how to become the instant expert in your area using a mix of social media, press releases, and even teach you the shortcut to creating your own book – even if you don't have a single clue on the topic!
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Dominate Social Media! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+… How do you keep up with all of it. We've found a sneaky way to dominate social media and get found online in all the places you need to get found to generate more customers for your business – and help you create loyal raving fans in the process. It's easy and we'll show you how!
Building a POWER TEAM! Outsourcing strategies to save you time and make you money. You'll get our strategies for finding high quality workers for as little as per hour!
Mobile Marketing Made Easy! Mobile is the future! Everyone has a cell phone, and smart phones are becoming the standard. We'll show you how to get your business "in the pockets" of your target customers so they see your message before your competition!
Viral Marketing Wildfire. Why wildfire… because it spreads uncontrollably. That's exactly what we want your marketing to do. We'll show you a hot new technology that get any of your new and existing customers to freely share your business with all of their friends – and happily do it without payment or referral fees!
Using the Internet with Direct Mail! We're bringing in an expert at taking your business to the next level! The mail is still here, and if you're not using it the right way, you're leaving 50% of the money on the table. My friend is an expert at marrying ninja internet tactics (that you'll learn at our event) with the post office to create amazing results!
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