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 Highlights of concepts covered during training.

-Understand three important reasons why you need to have a website.

-Know what customers expect to see on any website lading page.

-Drive traffic to your website using a small marketing budget.

-Increase your website marketing effectiveness by proven lead capture techniques

-Increase your website sales through tried ad tested methods for reducing bounce rate

 -Learn secrets about Google’s search robots and they read your page.

-Discover the future of online business so you can stay ahead of competition.


Develop a more strategic and professional approach to your digital  marketing, with a view to optimising your customers’ interactive experience.  Understand how to structure your team or adapt the team that you have for a new digital world. Learn about the skills you and your team will need and how to involve other departments in your marketing communications.


1)      Online Business objectives

      -Website Business Plan

      -Website Project Management

      -Creating a market oriented website

2)     Website architecture for best marketing-increasing click through rate

     Website Design-appealing layout 

     How to creating an attractive landing page

     Creating a rich  web experience .

     Your website as a marketing tool and sales tool  

      How to reduce amount of abandoned carts- smooth checkout 


3)      SEO Keys to Success

Get the basics right and increase your online sales while getting best value from your marketing budget.

Search engine marketing

–         Host server speed

–         domain name

–         keyword



Crowded landing pages, instant audio or video distractions

Buttons that don’t click to the next page ..losing customer

Deleting pages

Heavy widgets  on landing page..buffering /slow download

Security or error warning  corrupted files on homepage


4)      On Page Optimisation

 Winning Search Engine Marketing strategies.

Google bot/script

Logo /html


Keyword distribution

Keyword density

Html tags-Metadata

Site Headers

XML Site Map Submission

Keyword on Navigation and population into categories /subcategories.


How to grow your Google Adwords and Microsoft/Yahoo advertising campaigns beyond simple keyword ads into a profitable investment of marketing budget.

Delegates will learn how to gain quick wins for their business by applying test and learn methodology to their paid search advertising. Long tail keyword the gold mine for capturing real buyers. Sponsored keywords links.  Google Adchoices.


SEO Report Checklist

"Google did not tell you this"   Five secrets to make search engines love your website. Increase your online competitive advantage with 5 secrets of making search software pick up your site from the web jungle. 


5)      Offpage Optimisation

–          Link Building for your website

–         Search engine submission

–         Banner exchange

–         Column article writing

–          Blogs

–         Social Media Strategies

–         Link submission


6)      SEO Performance Monitoring

Be able to extract actionable insights from the data produced by your website to suggest performance improvements. Your organisation will start to understand the real value of their website investment, giving an objective insight to the engagement and conversions being generated by your target audience


Website Register HTML Version

Google Webmaster Tools

Performance Reports

Traffic, Visits, Page Views, Bounce rate, Stickiness, Conversions

Google Analytics, Alexa, Gostats


7)      Continuous Website Marketing

    Email Newsletters

    Viral Marketing: The Power of Viral Video Traffic




8)      Online PR, Publicity, Industry reports, Feature writing

Learn the practical ways in which online PR and social media can really work for you, and  what you should avoid.

Database Lead capture


Email headlines

Traffic conversion


9)      Social Media Management

    Great  Lessons from successful social media campaigns

Facebook story telling, Brand Ambassadors, Surveys, Quiz, Competitions

Call to social action statements     

      KLM, Emirates, American Express

Facebook TV  You Tube Billboard  synergies


Customer Content submission  Dove, Nokia


Twitter Customer service  T mobile , Job centre plus

Celebrities Toynews Theo Paphitis

You Tube Channels


Pinterest, She say beauty, Instagram

Social Gaming Zynga    Animation, Virtual Worlds, Virtual shops


Google Plus, Google Email, Google Play, Google Books, Google Merchant

Google Wallet, Google Insight, Google Panda Software , Google Penguin,


10)  The future of online digital markerting

   Amazon ,Google , Clickbank



Affiliate Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Plastic Money- ewallets  swipe

App Marketing     Facebook online shop 

Artificial Intelligence      Social Heuristics Interests , Browsing History, Profiles,


Having IT all for online business success. 

Intergrated social traffic system   Facebook ,You Tube, Live TV and Tweets.

Email delivery software predicting reader behaviour.

Broadening your marketing mix. Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Apps.

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