Internet Marketing for Real Estate Webinar Now Downloadable Online

Midland, TX (PRWEB) April 13, 2014

Professionals in the housing industry promoting homes for sale on the Internet can now access new training content at the How to Market Houses website. A new Internet marketing for real estate webinar is completed and is downloadable at

This training series is providing many of the new tips for 2014 and beyond that are helping some professionals to achieve higher success rates when promoting homes for sale online. The webinar content has been updated to reflect recent Google algorithm changes and other factors that now affect promotional activities.

“The downloadable content that we’re now supplying is expected to provide new educational information to sellers, realtors and others in the business of marketing houses,” said Ryan Bush, owner of the website.

The marketing industry has been improved with new automated tools that are useful for evaluating search statistics and other metrics over the past few years. A portion of the real estate Internet marketing webinar includes overviews of these tools as well as tips that any seller can apply to increase sales success rates.

“We’ve been helping property sellers for a number of years through our published content and are now supplying interactive webinars that teach advanced concepts,” Bush added.

The How to Market Houses website is now supplying instant access to its new content as well as to its updated company blog. Individuals can take advantage of the updated content as well as additional marketing services that are in development for the remainder of this year.


The company offers one of the largest portals for housing professionals to access and learn about new marketing strategies and other forms of promotion that are available in the North American market. The company has created several new training programs that include new tools and solutions that can be helpful to property professionals when marketing single family properties or other real estate listings to the public. A new webinar is now accessible through the company homepage that provides additional educational material.

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