Internet Marketing- Generalist vs Specialist

Internet Marketing- Generalist vs Specialist

Internet Marketing- Generalist vs Specialist Is it better to be a specialist in 1 or 2 areas or a generalist in variety of areas? When …

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  1. Kevin Houser says:

    Great lesson to learn-pick one strategy and master it ! like Rodeo Dr. cool cars

  2. Kendall Bradley says:

    Great info Kevin! You have to perfect your craft to have success!

  3. Andrew Shin says:

    Thank you Mary! Yeah, Rodeo Drive is definitely a great place to chill out.

  4. Mary Austin says:

    Good tip. Rodeo Drive is a good place to chill out, Andrew. LOL

  5. Louis Donson says:

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  6. Terry Neraasen says:

    You definitely got it! Focus big time.

  7. Andrew Shin says:

    Yup, focus on one thing that you want to specialize in rather than focusing on bunch of things and losing focus.

  8. Roger Rios says:

    I been so overwhelmed myself!!! great info!!!

  9. Kendall Bradley says:

    I completely agree! Better to be great at one thing rather than average at a bunch of things.

  10. TonyaRosaReviews says:

    This is a hard lesson to learn. Focus on one thing and become an expert! Thanks for the tips.

  11. Andrew Shin says:

    Thanks Kevin. Rodeo drive is great place to hang out.

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