Internet Marketing Masterclass Hilton Doubletree Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Internet Marketing Masterclass Hilton Doubletree Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Event on 2015-05-15 09:30:00

This workshop equips participants with practical tools and techniques to enable them to discover:-


  •          How to dominate Google
  •           What makes great websites and what is required by clients as well as Google
    • Innovative ideas to promote their business
    • The power of the internet
    • How to use audio and video to connect with online clients
    • Market online with little or no technical expertise
    • How to become a YouTube Superstar
    • Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • Why and how to use the ‘Big Five’ YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn



What will be covered:


  • Planning your social media strategy (new)
  • Connecting with clients online
  • How to drive potential and existing clients to your website using social media strategies
  • Why and how you need to be part of the Google family


  • Monitoring & Reacting to media – How one YouTube video lost United Airlines 0 million in their share price (new)
  • How to produce electronic newsletters & what content connects with clients
  • Outsourcing & using Arbitrage (new)
  • Search engines – how to dominate the first page of Google using Social Media
  • Marketing with articles both online and offline and creating thought leadership
  • Newsjacking (new)
  • The latest low cost tools and resources for marketing
  • How to research, qualify and connect online
  • Advanced search strategies (new)
  • How to bring LinkedIn alive with articles, video and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Affiliate Marketing – how Teespring has become a multi-million dollar success
  • The power of audio and video on the internet (new)
  • How to develop online videos to market products and services
  • The 3 essential elements of a successful video
  • The 3 essential elements of a successful video (new)
  • Your voice and body language
  • The difference between presenting on stage and on camera (new)
  • Upload, monitor and brand yourself on the video sites
  • The 15 ranking factors to get seen on YouTube
  • How to piggyback off successful videos
  • Ipads – how to video and present effectively and I will show you the world’s smallest projector
  • Setup and customise your channel on YouTube
  • Measure and monitor your videos using ‘insight’ (new)
  • The power of YouTube and how to embrace and use it effectively
  • The latest equipment and software to create online videos
  • What it takes to create a great video and video testimonial
  • The emergence of the Ipad and Iphone as marketing tools – the latest Bentley ad was filmed on an Iphone 5 (new)
  • The importance and impact of mobile technology
  • Facebook strategy and an interview with Mari Smith, the world’s top expert on how to use Facebook for business (new)
  • What to do to get the most from LinkedIn
  • Clever strategies to analyse what your competitors are doing online
  • Write effective headlines
  • Use social media as a marketing tool
  • Tools to measure your online and social media success (new)
  • Automation software (new)

at Rotary Club Of Palm Beach Gardens
4431 PGA Boulevard
West Palm Beach, United States

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