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  1. Brian Woosley says:

    one of youtubes best videos!!!!

  2. velesdrzava says:

    Great job your chanell is amazing

  3. Wegfqa Asefawes says:

    love this shit !!!!

  4. trololjeff says:

    lol very entertaining vid, subbed and liked:p

  5. dniwe555 says:

    OMG Please make more your amazing 

  6. loumiller54 says:

    I subscribed, subscribe to me?

  7. SimpleBypasses4U says:

    lolzers very funny? and very unique!!!!!!

  8. zonskass says:

    W0000aaahhh ^^ Epic much 😀

  9. Keva Viveros says:

    this video made my week

  10. Spiritso Highland says:

    how do you record your games? i use bungie pro to download it but i only get 5 minutes a month soo lol

  11. Thomas Jacky says:

    Good video…you have +1 sub now

  12. timlongweinerberg says:

    I will watch all you vidz from now on you rule!!!!!!

  13. 1986kimkim says:

    I gave you a thumbs up on this vid.

  14. Kathy Kent says:

    OMG! That was so awesome!

  15. codyvorpahl says:

    I subbed !

  16. TheCoD4Noobs says:

    I like this video 😉 make more please.

  17. popoleckerarschfrau says:

    i loved it i subscribed and i want to be ur friend

  18. Codrin Arama says:


  19. camalamacl says:


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