Internet Marketing Training for Online Success Internet Marketing Training for Online Success… 00:10 90-day internet marketing training challenge 00:…

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17 Responses to Internet Marketing Training for Online Success

  1. sharif yasin says:

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  2. Roger Rios says:

    I also did my letter of intention letss hold ourselves accountable!!! Lets do this Lilina!!!

  3. Dominick Zirilli says:

    I love your goals and the reason you want to achieve success. The fact that you have defined objectives and a great system in place will ensure your success.

  4. Mary Austin says:

    Very noble intentions. Great job on the video.

  5. TonyaRosaReviews says:

    Love the goal setting, your “Why” should carry you there to that place!

  6. Bob Betts says:

    Great video Lilina, like your enthusiasm, keep it up.

  7. Vivette Harris says:

    Great job Lilina, it’s good to write down your goals… sorry to hear about your sister. God bless you both

  8. Lilina Johns says:

    Thanks Shayo!

  9. Lilina Johns says:

    Thanks Bernie!

  10. Lilina Johns says:

    Thanks Janet!

  11. Lilina Johns says:

    Thanks, motivation is gold:-)!

  12. Lilina Johns says:

    Thanks David, good luck to you in the challenge!

  13. AppasionataMarketing says:

    I like how you’ve decided to be personal with this video. Great goals. They’ll keep you motivated.

  14. Janet Johnson says:

    Great Video. Great goals that are attainable!

  15. David Harman says:

    A very positive video. If I hadn’t already signed up for the 90 Day Challenge this would have convinced me! Great stuff Lilina, keep these coming :-)

  16. Bernie Kaufman says:

    Good Job Lilina. I appreciate the way you share what you desire. Good stuff!

  17. Shayo Ayoola says:

    Great video….I love the way you are reading your goals in the present tense..You are seeing yourself actually having achieved the things you set out to achieve…awesome and very inspiring too!

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