Internet Marketing Training In Abuja

Internet Marketing Training In Abuja
Event on 2014-10-09 09:30:00

This is a one-to-one internet marketing training meant to enable both small and medium scale business owner and managers in Abuja to position and sel their products and services online. According NCC, Nigeria's internet users now stands up to 52 million. Most of these people come online to search for the type of products or services you and your company is selling. Knowing how to attract them is what this event/training is all about. Among other things, you'll learn how to…

1. Position your brand, products or services in the prsence of the audience that matters most to your business


2. Target and and attract people who are currently and actively searching online for what you are selling through the search engines like Google, Bing etc


3. Discover, target and attract qualified prospects from social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


4. Reach and attract peeople whole conduct their product or service search mainly through mobile device (64% of Nigerian internet users are dependent on mobile)


5. Optimize your website for higher ranking in Google, create marketing contents and campaigns that lasts in the long term. Better than one day Ads in Newspapers, TVs or Radio


6. Measure the results accomplished from each marketing expenditure or campaign 


Price: N10,000

To take advantage of this one on one training, pay this amount into 

Account Name: Elixnet Nigeria Limited

Account No: 2024783743

Bank: First Bank 


For more details call 08068437815 or

at Abuja
Emzak Plaza, Gado Nasko Road, Kubwa
Abuja, Nigeria

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