Internet Security Part 1: Proxies, VPN’s, Packet Sniffing, Avoiding Strikes, Basic Privacy

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21 Responses to Internet Security Part 1: Proxies, VPN’s, Packet Sniffing, Avoiding Strikes, Basic Privacy

  1. xXxnewkxXx says:

    that open wireless thing is stupid, i dont have that much download, and if everybody was using it, it would be gone in a couple of days

  2. Vincent Etienne says:

    Very funny, the subliminal image at 9:08 

  3. Montauk1111 says:


  4. EwPoxy says:

    Video about internet security, shows their IP at 7:58

  5. il Costa says:


  6. drreality1 says:

    Such a nice way to explain things, thank u guys, Now I feel more insecure!!! I would love to know more about the personal wireless security & how to improve it regards

  7. TheMeepples says:

    Common, Torrents aren’t just for pirating things.

  8. dabomb1357 says:

    The corporation that owns your browser and the companies that own the websites you go to, and the add on that site, they track you,

  9. Kinetic1001101 says:

    More about tor please 

  10. AquaStun says:

    For someone not knowing what ‘spacedicks’ is its a subreddit on, reddit.

  11. miiiikku says:

    Interesting, but what possible use could I have for this? No one can spy me anyway, can they? Like maybe CIA or some hackers could but why would they care.

  12. zabadaja says:

    i tried to install extension h t t p s everywhere but it is stuck when i click add it to chrome, it says checking and stays on that stage forever. Any thoughts?

  13. NojoGaming says:

    [TUTORIAL] [FREE DOWNLOAD] Free VPN ~ Servers in 10 different countries! watch?v=y__I8-l1XWM

  14. 1SPASTIC11 says:

    the picture is some random boy going hehehuhehaheahueh

  15. l3prechaun904 says:

    I fucking love this channel. Thank you.

  16. 000318661 says:

    Great quote Wendle! 

  17. thegtalover says:

    Talk about the Deep Web and Tor please!!!

  18. Jedmanuel91 says:

    thanks for the vid guys, Maybe some help on how to secure your wireless router.

  19. ICanHazSkillzOnPC says:

    Show us how to crack wifi passwords to protect our wifi!

  20. liiiiiiiiiiinus says:

    yeah I got IT it says heheuhhaheahueh a boj without neck and shirt :)

  21. justice83 says:

    HEHEUHHEHAHEAHUEH? at ~9:08.500 ??

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