Internet users called to answer to system's ills

Internet users called to answer to system's ills
FRANKFURT – Responding to a dizzying array of issues that threaten to break the Internet, from privacy to tax dodging to cybercrime, a group of the world's leading governance organizations say greater user involvement, not top-down control, is needed.
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Report: Facebook Sent 10% More Traffic To Publisher Websites In August
The report claims most referral sites saw either little change in traffic patterns, or a decrease between 2013 and 2014. Facebook was only site among the top ten referral sites to experience a significant increase in the amount of traffic sent to …
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STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: Looking for a challenge? Take on one of the steepest
Dan England snaps a "selfie" at the top of The Incline. The summit of the steep staircase in Manitou … There are Web sites with forums devoted to times up the Incline, and I have to admit, that's partly why I wanted to do it. Generally it will take …
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