Internet Users to Celebrate Latest Video Article Directory

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (PRWEB) August 13, 2007

A video-supplemented article directory that was launched recently attracts the attention of internet users seeking expert tips on just about everything. If someone doesn’t fully understand what is written in the article, he or she can take a close look at the live videos streaming on real time.

The new “Just for Tips” Article Directory located at has expert tips, advice and guidance on everything, spread across 60,000 articles.

The one stop resource for tips on topics from creating web page layout, self improvement, review articles, knitting, Adsense ad placement, investment planning, free financial web site content, reducing insurance costs, talking with confidence to strangers, free Christian content, to just about anything attracts people from all areas of expertise.

Many internet users have benefited from the vast information provided on the site. Among them are Joe and Phoebe.

Joe from Palm Springs set up a pod cast to share his creativity on music with his friends spread across the country, thanks to the “how to set up a pod cast” article plus video he found at the directory here

As for Phoebe, she knew nothing about setting at a video blog (VLOG) until she came across a ‘how to set up your own video blog article and supporting video. Now she runs a successful VLOG that her friends appreciate.

Articles by expert authors, which they can submit for free, give detailed description and step by step guidance on completing tasks that you may think difficult.

The user created tips articles come from people with expertise on selected fields. Online marketing experts share their wealth of knowledge on website promotion, sales letter writing, etc. also provides free real estate article submission service for Realtors as a mean to get their professional advice across to readers.

Moms at home share their expertise of making an omelet, grooming a puppy or their insight on making a living while staying at home.

Expert authors also submit knowledgeable tips to the directory as a cost effective marketing tool. By sharing their advanced knowledge, they are actually attracting prospective clients for their services. The knowledge and expertise they share with fellow readers help others pick the skills. It also can alert a prospective client that the author is an expert and can give the service to him/her.

Many professionals who share their expertise through the tips directory get direct offers from potential clients. It is a closed sale. The clients just know the author is an expert at what he or she tells/does. Additionally, this will also help webmaster to find content for free for their respective websites.

This kind of marketing has been around for quite a while. What makes this site so special is the side by side presentation of instruction videos and tips articles.

Another feature that quickly attracts the attention of a casual browser is the expert tagging system. Each article has different tags and you can browse all the different articles with similar tags. The tags also make navigation easier and help readers quickly find tips for completing any task in a better way.

The videos that appear next to articles are selected on real-time from famous video sharing site,

While the tips articles tell you, the videos show you how to do things. Tips and videos are available on just about everything from practicing a new yoga pose to creating a successful viral marketing campaign.

Just for Tips directory ( is ad-supported and is free for everyone to use, only experts can submit tips and articles. is founded by Sunny Tan, CEO and founder of E Learning Avenue.

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