Reviews PCWorlds Article How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

(PRWEB) January 05, 2013

In the digital world of today, the internet has become the most relied-upon source for knowledge. What makes its way onto the pages of the World Wide Web is, essentially, there to stay, or at the very least, that information is extremely difficult to be removed or moved down the rankings of search engines. Reputations can be ruined via the internet, whether its through false or negative reviews, press releases, or slander. Its becoming more and more common for targeted individuals and businesses to hire a reputation management company like is releasing its review of an article by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal published on PCWorld, which reviews the possible ways to clean up an online reputation. While there are few techniques that can be used to combat negative content on the internet, it is increasingly difficult to remove information once its been posted. Purewals article poses two important questions: One, should one hire an internet reputation company for help? And two, are there ways to combat negative content on the web without the help of such a company? reviews the answers to these questions, citing knowledge from their own expertise in internet reputation management.

First, Purewal points out that the web is abound with companies claiming to have the ability to cleanse a negative internet reputation, and she also cautions readers to do their research about a company before they choose to hire them. Some companies charge a monthly fee, others charge after progress is made, and some charge a one-time flat rate. While this information is true, reviews the article by urging the public to look deeply at the SEO techniques involved in suppressing the negative content, whether its negative reviews, false accusations or claims, arrest records, mugshots, or any kind of slander, libel, or negative information.

Second, Purewals article informs readers that it may not be necessary to hire an internet reputation company because an individual or business that has been targeted should be able to do the work themselves, without the help of an internet reputation company. While there are things that can be done to combat negative or slanderous material, it is an overwhelming task for anyone. Without in depth knowledge of SERPS, cached pages, search engine algorithms, and firewalls, it will be nearly impossible for someone to experience results that could even compare with the results clients have seen from

Recently, has released a new propriety process, one that is highly complex and effective in targeting the source of the negative content. Using a combination of groundbreaking SEO strategies, experienced journalists, social media authorities, and highly qualified professionals, is able to launch campaigns to first minimize, and eventually cease, negative content on the web.

While there is useful information to be gained from reading Purewals article, urges the public to leave the work to the experienced professionals. On an individual basis, minimal results can be seen without the help of a qualified professional. One person could spend countless hours trying to combat negative content, without experiencing measurable results. At times, such an attempt could even make the problem worse. A highly trained team armed with an individualized plan, on the other hand, proves immediate results.

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