Interviewed for a job by Sophie the robot

Interviewed for a job by Sophie the robot
Khosla will showcase his robots at the seventh Annual Australasian Talent Conference from May 28-30 in Sydney in the hope of meeting business partners. Sophie was already involved in trial interviews of candidates for sales jobs, asking 76 questions …
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Ad of the Week with Oresti Patricios – the Robot with a Taste for Tea
And yes, vending machines have evolved too: they have LED displays, soft lighting and wonderful clear-glass fronts, so we can watch the robot arm as it reaches up to the correct place and collects our desired beverage (or snack) for us. In our modern …

Robots invade the operating room
For Intuitive Surgical, creators of the million-dollar machine, this is the best possible showcase to tout the benefits for the surgeon. “Being able to see very well under high magnification in 3D, being able to drive that camera with the robot where …
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